Fun Times in Santa Cruz

Show us a favorite moment from your trip to Beach Street Inn for a chance to win complimentary two-night stay + free parking and more.

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April S.
“Just one of many anniversaries spent at the Beach Street Inn.”
Rochelle B.
“When it's your birthday and feeling good at this amazing hotel!”
Myranda P.
“Loved playing the carnival games at the boardwalk and walking back to the hotel with all our prizes in hand”
Kathleen B.
“Love the view and the staff were fantastic and so friendly.”
Shelley B.
“No other place would do to ask the girl of his dreams to marry him...Santa Cruz was THEIR Place...Eleven years ago Jordan & Hailey met in Santa Cruz. They went to the Boardwalk with a church youth group & pretty much ignored each other the entire day. As time went by, they sorta liked each other & started talking at school. By the end of 8th Grade, they were "dating" & continued to off & on throughout high school & college. They've created lasting memories in Santa Cruz at the beach and boardwalk over these 11 years, so when the time came for Jordan to propose to Hailey, it was a 'no-brainer' that he would do so at their special place, Santa Cruz!! As his plans were coming together, he graciously included her parents & siblings, as well as his & we found Beach Street Inn to be the optimum place to stay. Melanie in the office helped us out with a great recommendation for an after proposal party at a fabulous restaurant on the wharf, Splash--Everything went Picture-perfect! #SHEsaidYES”
Chelsea L.
“Had a great time at the Beach Street Pool and then walked down to the sand!”
Emma M.
“The view from the Beach Street Inn makes me happier than a seagull with a french fry!”
Monique R.
“Terrace ocean front view had our gymnast doing flips & gymnastics over the view!”
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Complimentary two-night stay + free parking
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Complimentary one-night stay + free parking
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